Do we know where Syria's chemical weapons are?

With Obama's "red line" apparently being crossed, the one of the assumptions was that we would go after Syria's chemical weapons and either destroy them or secure them so that they couldn't be used again. Only one problem with that scenario: we apparently don't know where they are. Daily Beast: As the White House mulls whether Syria has crossed President Obama's red line and used chemical weapons, the U.S. military and intelligence community are quietly acknowledging that the United States does not know where many of those weapons are located. The judgment comes from top U.S. military commanders and is supported by recent intelligence community assessments, according to three U.S. officials who work closely on Syrian intelligence matters. At the heart of the concern is that the Syrian military has transferred more and more of its stock of sarin and mustard gas from storage sites to trucks where they are being moved around the country. While U.S. intelligence agencies first...(Read Full Post)