Daily Caller's Matt Lewis guests on Moran's show

Join us for another scintillating episode of the RINO Hour of Power with your host Rick Moran and special co-host tonight Rich Baehr of the American Thinker. Washington's scandal machinery is working at full steam as President Obama experiences the absolute worst week of his presidency. Topping the list is the growing scandal of the IRS targeting conservative groups for harassment. The Benghazi issue also continues to give the president head aches. And yesterday, it was revealed that the Justice Department acquired 2 months worth of phone records from AP reporters without a warrant. We'll try to make sense of it all with Matt Lewis, columnist for the Daily Caller. The show streams live from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show. You can join us live by clicking the icon below or by clicking here. (Read Full Post)