Can President Obama survive losing Jon Stewart?

Did President Barack Hussein Obama (D) and his lackeys Jay Carney, Ben Rhodes and other West Wing types turn to each other in despair Monday night, asking "If we've lost Jon Stewart, have we lost the country?"  Reminiscent of what President Lyndon Baines Johnson(D) allegedly stated about losing influential newscaster Walter Cronkite's support and thus Middle America after Cronkite questioned his Vietnam policies, some of the Obama gang might well have thought this after seeing Stewart's latest analysis of the scandals swirling around the sainted Obama administration. After dismissing the growing Benghazi scandal as a Republican and right wing partisan attack, Stewart, using the show's iconic amalgam of news clips, attempts to do the same with the growing IRS scandal.  But, OMG!, he can't!  The IRS is really guilty!  The IRS's  Lois Lerner, the math challenged director of Exempt...(Read Full Post)