Boycott Mike Lupica?

See also: Talk radio turmoil Ah yes, where better to get insightful and intelligent social commentary than from George Costanza's favorite sports writer. ESPN's Mike Lupica just couldn't help himself when it came to the recent NRA convention in Houston. In his column today  he managed to insult not only NRA members, Sarah Palin, and Wayne LaPierre, but millions of gun-loving Americans as well. Sounding as if he were describing himself, Lupica writes that the NRA convention attendees are "mean, dumb" and "angry." He painted those who cheered the comments of Sarah Palin as "phonies" and said that all Palin did was "turn herself out for the craziest and creepiest gun lovers on the planet." Lupica assailed Governor Palin's supposed "spectacular lack of talent [that] has made her virtually unemployable on television." He attacked LaPierre as "nothing more than a cheap, dangerous demagogue, constantly trying to act as if he and an association that represents an amazingly small...(Read Full Post)