Big Sister's Community Garden Book Signing

Many would argue that Michelle Obama's anti-obesity/'Let's Get Physical'/veggie-infused initiative is a positive direction for America to go. In essence it is. However, when Barack or Michelle start talking about anything that has the word "community" in it, America had best proceed with caution. Community talk is what happened when Michelle Obama showed up at Politics & Prose, a Washington DC independent bookstore that Mrs. Obama called "a real staple of [the] community." Michelle was there for an American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America book signing. About 250 sicko-phants stood in the rain waiting to hear Mama Obama blather about the importance of gardening, a hobby she picked up about four years ago when she bulldozed 1,500 square feet of the South Lawn. Since then, she talks like she whips up fresh pesto with bouquets of fresh basil she cultivates in the "Kitchen Garden." The ripped-up patch of lawn out back is also home to a...(Read Full Post)