'Barack Hussein Nixon'

Michael Booth, who runs Cato's Domain and whose pen name is Cato the Eldest, has written an interesting article that came out on May 13: "Barack Hussein Nixon." Booth compares, contrasts, and assesses the last eight presidents, from Nixon through Obama. He also has some stark things to say about a certain "co-president," Hillary R. Clinton. But what might be the best parts of the article are the passages on the presidency itself. Political junkies of all stripes will enjoy this article. Here's Booth on Reagan: Ronald Wilson Reagan is one of only four men who ever held the office (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt being the other three) who truly understood what the US presidency actually is and how to use the unique powers of the office. Neither all-powerful dictator nor powerless figurehead, the power Constitutionally vested in the president is precisely that subtle moral force that springs from a deep well of intrinsic personal integrity,...(Read Full Post)