As conservative children died, liberals politicized, but didn't cry

What's a liberal to do during a disaster when President George Bush (R) (either one) isn't president but liberal GOD, President Barack Hussein Obama (D), is?  No problem--just blame conservative failures for setting up the present situation and then joke about it--even the tragedy that is now unfolding in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is in the center of an area known as Tornado Alley.  As NPR explains  Oklahoma sits at the heart of "Tornado Alley," which stretches from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians. Although on average Texas has more total tornadoes, Kansas and Oklahoma rank at the top for tornadoes per square mile.  (snip) NOAA says that in and around Oklahoma City, "May is the peak month for all tornadoes, followed closely by April and June." "About two thirds of all tornadoes in [Oklahoma City] have struck during those three months. Strong and violent tornadoes tend to occur slightly earlier, with April the peak month." ...(Read Full Post)