A tasty victory in the war against over-regulation

The European Union's unelected bureaucrats are notorious for sticking their noses into places they shouldn't go. For example, regulating the length and curvature of bananas. Often, these regulations are the product of pressures from interest groups that want to use the power of autocrats in Brussels to keep competition out of the market. This week saw the bureaucrats surrender to a popular rebellion against one of their new rules. It was announced that restaurants would no longer be able to serve patrons olive oil in jugs or bowls for bread-dipping, unless the oil came in a factory-sealed container. Two purported problems were offered as excuses: anecdotal claims of sanitation issues (no hard data), and claims that the quality of olive oil could be misrepresented - for example, oil presented as extra-virgin when it was in fact of lesser quality (also, no hard data). Restaurants and small artisanal olive oil producers were aghast at this overreach. Restaurants would no longer be...(Read Full Post)