A speech to 'kiss and make up' with his base

What do you do when your base is angry about Guantanamo?  I guess that you promise to close it again. You also blame Congress for not giving you the money to do it. The problem is that it was a Congress controlled by Democrats that did not provide the funding.  What about drones?  You promise that we will "drone" more carefully from now on.  Let's hope that the terrorists will cooperate by keeping children away from them. What about tapping reporters phones?  You say that it was about national security and because that "darn Congress" didn't pass the media shield law.  By the way, does anyone remember President Obama persuading members of Congress to pass the media shield law?  I don't! Overall, I rate this as a speech trying to win back the left.  I did not hear much more than that. My guess is that it will be largely forgotten when the next IRS official comes to Congress and says "I don't know." ...(Read Full Post)