Yes, treat the terrorist as an enemy combatant

No one values due process more than I do.  After all, my dad's cousin spent 14 years in a Cuban prison without a trial.  I understand the arguments that people have certain rights.  There is no bigger right than being represented by an attorney or objecting to indefinite detention. However, this young man in Boston is no political prisoner or US citizen who robbed a bank.  He was not picked up by a secret police for saying that Obama did not close Guantanamo. He is a terrorist who joined forces with his older brother, and perhaps others, to fight the US. He left the Bill of Rights behind the moment that he placed a bomb and killed innocent people watching a traditional race. So what do you have to do to get named an enemy combatant?   My guess is that most Americans agree that killing innocent people at the Boston Marathon is enough to be called an enemy combatant.  This guy is clearly an enemy and he is combating the ...(Read Full Post)