WSJ readers mock an Op-Ed defending the MSM

It's shocking to see how out of touch some members of the old media are about their loss of credibility -- their declining influence. For example, consider a recent Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, "Counting the Costs of the New-News Chaos" by Edward Kosner. A former editor at Newsweek and the New York Daily News, Kosner belittled today's media landscape -- and longed for the days when the old media had a monopoly on information. "The essence of old-school journalism is making order out of a chaotic world," he wrote. "The reporters and broadcast correspondents are out trying to find out what's going on and what it might mean. Then their editors and news directors take this material and help refine it into an orderly presentation. These stories tend to be reasonably coherent and internally consistent, if far from perfect." Well, as you might have expected, his Op-Ed provoked a number of biting replies in both The Journal's online comments section and...(Read Full Post)