Winning the Drug War - Boa Constrictor Style

Although conservatives tend to react negatively to the proposition that currently illegal drugs be decriminalized or legalized, this may actually provide a viable path to victory in the Drug War. Why not combine the strategies used against Big Pharma and Big Tobacco to dismantle Big Drug? We could legalize, regulate and litigate the makers out of existence. First, legalization would reduce crime for a number of reasons. Substances would be much more affordable. This affordability would diminish the numbers of addicts who would need to turn to secondary criminality like pushing drugs, prostitution and crime to acquire the funds to feed their habit. Competition in the marketplace would bring the profit margin down to a point where the violent drug cartels/mafia would not be interested in acting. Or, if they wish to maintain a presence, they would have to transform into law-abiding, tax-paying businessmen. Second, legalization would reduce the number of users. Marketing would be heavily...(Read Full Post)