Why Washington can't cut the budget: Ex. #987

This is so unbelievable that it fits in with the notion that Washington lives in a fantasyland. In any other universe, The Federal Helium program - begun when zeppelins were criss crossing the sky - refuses to die despite the efforts of presidents going back to Ronald Reagan. Washington Post: The Federal Helium Program -- left over from the age of zeppelins and an infamous symbol of Washington's inability to cut what it no longer needs -- will be terminated. Unless it isn't. On Friday, in fact, the House voted 394 to 1 to keep it alive. "Many people don't believe that the federal government should be in the helium business. And I would agree," Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) said on the House floor Thursday. But at that very moment, Hastings was urging his colleagues to keep the government in the helium business a little while longer. "We must recognize the realities of our current situation," he said. The problem is that the private sector has not done what some politicians...(Read Full Post)