Why They Hated Thatcher

Many years ago I met on an airplane flight a young woman that demonstrated maturity beyond her years.  It turned out that she had been working in her mother's business since her early teens. She had not, in other words, been confined 24-7 in some government child custodial facility, or taken the free-contraceptive veil in some secularist seminary.  She had lived a life not unlike the departed Margaret Thatcher.  Here's the grocer's daughter telling (H/T American Spectator) the cognoscenti in The Path to Power about the reality of capitalism for a young girl living over the store: For them [the critics] capitalism was alien and harsh: for me it was familiar and creative. I was able to see that it was satisfying customers that allowed my father to increase the number of people he employed. I knew that it was international trade that brought coffee, sugar, and spice to those who frequented our shop. And, more than that, I experienced that business, as can be seen in...(Read Full Post)