Warming advocates struggle to explain...no warming

We've known since Climategate and the emails from the East Anglia climate center that warming advocates have been well aware of the lack of rising temperatures on the earth since at least 2000. Now, confronted with irrefutable evidence from one of global warming's biggest boosters - NASA - scientists who have based their careers and reputations on climate change are scrambling to explain the lack of warming. Reuters: A rapid rise in global temperatures in the 1980s and 1990s - when clean air laws in developed nations cut pollution and made sunshine stronger at the earth's surface - made for a compelling argument that human emissions were to blame. The IPCC will seek to explain the current pause in a report to be released in three parts from late 2013 as the main scientific roadmap for governments in shifting from fossil fuels towards renewable energies such as solar or wind power, the panel's chairman Rajendra Pachauri said. According to Pachauri, temperature records...(Read Full Post)