Understanding the Syrian revolution

Just before Christmas, 2012 (12/24/12) , I wrote an extensive critique of US policy in Syria (with the eponymous title, "Why Is America Midwiving a Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled Syria?").  My analysis highlighted the deep seated, mainstream Islamic, vox populi-supported Syrian Muslim Brotherhood jihad to reverse both Western colonial, and subsequent dictatorial Baathist secularization. Now, aligned with the modern "Al Qaeda movement" jihadist fighters the global Muslim Brotherhood has spawned, the long held dream of re-imposing full-fledged Sharia in Syria is being realized, as acknowledged in an April 28, 2013 New York Times report.    My 12/24/12 essay included a December, 1947 State Department assessment of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (curiously, the report was still "classified," but I was able to obtain it with a Freedom of Information Act request). Written in an era before the twin scourges of debased educational standards and post-modern cultural relativism...(Read Full Post)