Tiger's Ruling, Liberty, and the Rule of Law

This weekend's much-discussed ruling by the Master's to penalize Tiger Woods, yet allow him to continue play, speaks to issues far more significant than Tiger or the game of golf. How this is being discussed across message boards speaks to where we are as a society, and not all of it is pretty -- even on the right. Perhaps especially on the right. Consider: For any society to function and facilitate liberty, there must be some guardrails and reliably upheld rules and laws, because without such, chaos rules -- and liberty and chaos are simply not compatible. The same is true, in microcosm, for competitive sports. Without some rules, there is, of course, no legitimate competitive game. However, when the letter of the law violates the spirit or intent of the same law, we are faced with a critical choice. If, in puritanical dogmatism, we stick to the letter of a law simply because that letter exists -- while knowingly violating the very intent of that rule or law -- then we have...(Read Full Post)