The Tsarnaev Meme Wars Begin

Boston and the nation have gone through a trauma and a degree of catharsis over the attack in Boston, and now the battle to define how we discuss that incident and the perps is underway. Media progressives openly hoped and predicted the perp would turn out to be a white male who followed Sarah Palin on Twitter, and are now trying to recover from the awful truth that Islam and jihad look like the motives. Yesterday in these pages, J. Robert Smith accurately predicted how the progressives would frame the accused: The Brothers Tsarnaev grew up in an environment of conflict and bloody violence, and are, therefore, victims. They are traumatized, not terrorists -- at least, not terrorists who are motivated by their Muslim faith, even if that seems apparent. Even if it's proven that they have links to Middle Eastern or other Muslim terrorist groups. The New York Times spin AT predicted appeared hours later.   Now here's where the meme wares get interesting. A little...(Read Full Post)