The Earned Income Tax Credit Fraud

What, massive fraud in another government entitlement program? Well, the Washington Post is too coy to use the F word. No, that's not fraud, simply "improper payments." We're talking about the Earned Income Tax Credit, whereby a person can earn up to $43,000 per year and get a tax "refund" of up to $5666, depending on number of children (loosely defined). We know the program is a wonderful one. Just look at this testimonial: "Mark Everson, who served as IRS commissioner under President George W. Bush, called the EITC 'one of the government's most successful anti-poverty programs.'" The program has been plagued with "improper payments" for years -- decades actually: "The General Accounting Office (GAO) verified the vast scale of the fraud, reporting that '...the IRS estimated [it is] between 27 and 32 percent of EITC dollars claimed.'" And that was during the terror that was the reign of George W. Bush. Have things gotten better under President Obama? According to an inspector...(Read Full Post)