The Composite Presidency

Composite girlfriends, composite birth certificates, composite intellect, composite childhood, composite facts from which a sanitized version of a shadowy life is composed and crafted for public consumption. The compression or adulteration of Mr. Obama's life is posited as an act of obfuscation -- a misdirection from the more troubling aspects of a cipher. His is a character we know little about and in whom the media organs are borderline criminally culpable in foregoing their customary ideological proctology exam in obsequious service to their Favorite Son. Little is verifiable about his character and intellectual résumé. Records are hidden away, people have been "talked to" or bought off, and the leading cast of players who could throw an antiseptic light on this presidential enigma are languishing conveniently at room temperature. There is a name in the world of men for those who act in such a manner: mendacious. And while the epithet of "liar" may seem to some tender...(Read Full Post)