Should the GOP help fund Obamacare?

They're not going to but maybe they should. The president asked for $1.5 billion more for HHS to implement Obamacare, and even if Congress won't act, HHS will likely be able to get the money from other sources anyway. Politico: The landmark health law may have survived the Supreme Court, countless repeal efforts and a presidential election - but none of that required Republicans to shower money on Obamacare. And with at least 33 states refusing to build the critical health insurance exchanges, the federal government is unexpectedly on the hook to set them up - and short of money to do so.  The White House requested $1.5 billion more for the health law implementation in its budget Wednesday, but health officials know they're not likely to get it. As past funding requests have been spurned, Health and Human Services officials contend they've been able to cobble together the funds and won't miss the Oct. 1 start of open enrollment in exchanges. Any big delay, or...(Read Full Post)