Schakowsky seeking to reintroduce 'millionaires tax'

Because it's all about the fairness thing, don't you know? Politico: "The crisis that we face in this country is a crisis of equality," she said at POLITICO's Emerging Tax Leaders event on Thursday. "I don't believe we have a huge deficit problem; I don't think we have a scarcity problem. We have a problem of inequality." The proposal is dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled House, but it represents a continuing concern among liberals that the debate in Washington is focusing on how to cut spending, particularly in programs such as Medicare and Social Security, rather than boosting taxes on the wealthy. Schakowsky said she wants to "start the conversation as what I see as major crisis in the United States: The fact that we have this growing concentration of wealth at the top. ... Ordinary Americans have not seen their incomes grow for decades." Wealth concentration has political ramifications, she argued -- pointing to the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election...(Read Full Post)