Rangel sues Boehner to overturn censure verdict

Rep. Charles Rangel is suing Speaker of the House John Boehner over his 2010 censure for numerous illegal actitivites. Politico: Rangel's lawsuit aims to overturn that censure, according to USA Today, with the lawsuit claiming the ethics investigation involved "numerous, flagrant, knowing and intentional violations" of Rangel's right to due process, including the committee withholding a memo written by former staffers arguing the investigation was tainted by misconduct. Had Rangel known about the memo, the lawsuit says, he would've immediately moved to dismiss the investigation. The censure covered a wide range of activities, including using a rent-controlled apartment in Harlem as a campaign office, using congressional stationery and staff to solicit funds for an academic center named after Rangel and failing to pay taxes on rental income for 17 years. A spokesman for Boehner didn't respond to a request for comment from Bloomberg News. Then there was his vacation property...(Read Full Post)