Obama's moving red line on Syrian chemical weapons

It's clear that President Obama does not want to get militarily involved in the Syrian civil war. This is good policy to follow given the impossibility of any good outcome from the conflict. But Obama put the weight of the US government behind his warning that any use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government would result in American action. And to date, despite evidence that the Syrian army has employed chemicals in a couple of attacks, the US refuses to acknowledge this. Other countries, however, are taking a different view. Wall Street Journal: American intelligence agencies are reviewing what some officials see as the first credible indications that Syrian forces used small amounts of chemical weapons in recent fighting, senior U.S. and European officials said. Four senior U.S. officials cited "increasing suspicions" within U.S. intelligence circles that Syrian forces have used chemical agents, based on witness accounts and preliminary testing of samples that were ...(Read Full Post)