Obama Bullies Seniors and Babies

ObamaCare has a feud with seniors and babies.  The Affordable Protection Act was prophesied as this great, egalitarian fix-me-up for all people.  It had the "fair share" advertising of communism or socialism.  It was going to be beautiful, going to show that Obama really, really cared. Yet ObamaCare is severely hurting the two most vulnerable and needy groups: seniors and babies.  The bully has two groups that he can attack.  He goes after the old and the newborn.  He is a narcissist with a twist -- punishing the weakest. Obama is the most abortion-friendly president in history.  He is so bad that when he was in the Illinois Senate, he supported by omission killing babies who survived abortion attempts.  He wanted to give free contraceptives to well-off Sandra Fluke and to Catholics despite the rules of the church. Obama had promised seniors that they would be able to keep their old doctors and that there would be...(Read Full Post)