Obama Bullies Seniors and Babies

ObamaCare has a feud with seniors and babies.  The Affordable Protection Act was prophesied as this great, egalitarian fix-me-up for all people.  It had the "fair share" advertising of communism or socialism.  It was going to be beautiful, going to show that Obama really, really cared.

Yet ObamaCare is severely hurting the two most vulnerable and needy groups: seniors and babies.  The bully has two groups that he can attack.  He goes after the old and the newborn.  He is a narcissist with a twist -- punishing the weakest.

Obama is the most abortion-friendly president in history.  He is so bad that when he was in the Illinois Senate, he supported by omission killing babies who survived abortion attempts.  He wanted to give free contraceptives to well-off Sandra Fluke and to Catholics despite the rules of the church.

Obama had promised seniors that they would be able to keep their old doctors and that there would be no death panels.  Yet ObamaCare is reducing payments to doctors that will cause them to drop out of Medicare.  Hospitals will be getting less and have to drop out as well.  Cancer treatments are already being denied.  Furthermore, seniors are going to pay higher taxes on drugs and medical devices, including a 40-percent federal excise tax on "Cadillac" health plans.

Potentially worst of all, Obama has sponsored the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB.  Sarah Palin used to call it the death panel.  Obama pooh-poohed her.  Now he is making fun of us.  He'll still be laughing, but all we'll have is grins of rigor mortis when ObamaCare won't approve our expensive treatments.

I always felt that Obama was a retroactive hippy.  Back in the sixties, hippies wanted to euthanize people over thirty.  Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman hated seniors.  At least Obama doesn't want to off people until they are about sixty-five.  Or else immediately -- if they are the living result of a failed abortion.

I feel as if I am in a squeeze play by Obama.  Children killed beneath me.  Seniors murdered above me.  Hail to our Democrat rock star.  Praise the percussion instruments of his bureaucratic killings.

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