News that must be suppressed

If our major media were not fully committed propagandists, they would report the findings of a large scale survey of law enforcement personnel on the subject of further gun legislation. After all, they are currently following the President's strategy of distracting the public from the awful state of the economy by exploiting the victims of Newtown to push for further erosion of Second Amendment rights. So the views of law enforcement personnel ought ot be of some interest. But of course the results are dramatic, and show that the people who deal with gun crime (and all other crime) understand that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are a very good idea. Police One, the leading website for law enforcement professionals, received over 15,000 responses to its survey on gun policy and law enforcement. They constitute a strong refutation of the liberal program, and so must be suppressed at all costs. See the Police One summary here. For example: 1.)    Virtually...(Read Full Post)