Media overkill in my neighborhood

Reporters and TV trucks have invaded the neighborhood next to mine here in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where the uncle of the suspected Boston Marathon terrorists resides. Even though the uncle obliged and made a statement to the press a few hours ago, the media has lingered on here.  In fact, although the helicopters are now gone, there are more members of the press roaming the streets, smoking cigarettes and yakking with each other now than earlier. Eleven TV/satellite trucks at last count and cars parked up and down the normally sedate neighborhood's winding streets for as far as the eye can see.   Why are they still here?  I can only surmise that they want to be on hand to interview the uncle if and when his nephew is captured or killed.  With all this manpower concentrated here fifteen miles outside the Capitol Beltway, who is keeping an eye on Congress and the White House?(Read Full Post)