Media on trial, too, as Gosnell trial resumes

The most famous empty press section ever, symbolizing the media blackout of the sensational trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, may have a few occupants today when the trial resumes. The past few days have seen active shaming of the mainstream media over its specious excuses for ignoring the testimony which -- let's face it - portrays an inhuman taking of innocent lives, babies born alive, in the name of abortion. The fact the President Obama voted to allow infants to die if they were born alive after a botched abortion adds a very strong news hook, as does the horrifying lack of inspection of the abortion clinic by Pennsylvania authorities. An honest account of the trial would find lots of "if it bleeds it leads" moments that readers or viewers would find compelling. Yet, when challenged on Twitter, MSM'ers continue to hem and haw, embarrassing themselves with their feeble excuses. John Fund proposes a test at NRO: Jeff Toobin of CNN offered a preposterous explanation for the...(Read Full Post)