Let Us Die to Make Men Free

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather Justus Wright, a Union soldier.  He died in Stafford, Virginia, exactly 150 years ago today.  He was one of the tens of thousands of troops massing east of Chancellorsville, preparing for a battle which would begin within hours after his death from "consumption."   Death Certificate issued by the Surgeon General's Office,dated April 30, 1863.   As we approach the sesquicentennial observance of his death, I've had to ask myself, "What did Grampa Justus die for?"  Had he stayed home, milking cows and tending crops, he no doubt would have lived considerably longer.   Grandpa Justus, a farmer from western New York, was a member of the state's 154th Volunteer Infantry, better known as the Hardtack Regiment.  He fought because he was called to fight.  He fought for the abolition of slavery and to hold the Union together. Were he alive today, I'm certain he would be proud that he has among his multitude of...(Read Full Post)