Kudos to Bill Maher

  Yes -- you read that right. Kudos to Bill Maher. Loathsome creature that he is, he deserves a measure of credit. After witnessing the circus of linguistic gymnastics and contortions required for our friends in the leftist media to report on the Boston bombing without abandoning their politically correct sensibilities, it's refreshing to hear at least one of them speak the simple truth. We all know who Bill Maher is. Whether you agree with him, (very rarely for me,) or not, Bill get's right to the point he is trying to make without mincing words and speaks with the courage of his convictions, however misguided those convictions usually are. His litany of offences is too long and tiresome to recap here. But to his credit, I must say that he is the only individual from the American left today that will honestly address the issue of Islamic terrorism. Here is an excerpt from his recent show from RealClearPolitics.com: BILL MAHER, HOST: So you're obviously the perfect person to...(Read Full Post)