Is Guantanamo Detention Camp really the 'Gulag of our times'?

Recently I posted an image of an Iranian torture chamber on my Facebook in which an inmate was being tortured for the pleasure of various Muslim officials, including the ex-President of Iran, Muhammad Khatami (president between 1997 and 2005). This inspired a poster/commentator to say that such a thing is no worse than what has happened at Guantanamo Bay - which Amnesty International once referred to as "The Gulag of our Times." When you Google 'Guantanamo Bay - Wikipedia', you'll be very surprised about how long the entry is. It's massive! It's over 18,000 words long. That is much larger than the Wikipedia entries on President Hafez Assad's killing of up to 40,000 fellow Muslims in the Battle of Hama in 1982 (only 1,730 words). It is about four times larger than the entry of the Jordanian killings ('Black September') of up to 10,000 of Yasser Arafat's PLO in 1970/1 (4,481 words). There is no specific entry on the recent killings (in the last 15 years) of up to 20, 000 Kurds - killed...(Read Full Post)