Impoverishing Climate Alarmism at the New York Times

I love to read NY Times columnist Gail Collins -- though I seldom agree with her, especially on matters of climate change [NYT March 27]. She has an angelic smile and a wonderful sense of humor; I wish I could write like that. She also has a large devoted following who seems to agree with her alarms about an impending climate  disaster -- unless we start taxing all fossil fuels prontissimo.  Maybe that's what the White House has in mind; remember Obama's campaign promise to make electricity prices "sky-rocket."  Well, he seems to be on target. So, Gail and fans, before we buy into your climate disaster, please explain to me why there has been no warming for more than a decade.  And all throughout, carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel  burning increased steadily, apparently with no discernible effect on temperatures -- according to the climate guru, Prof. Philip Jones, Director of the Climatic Research Unit of East Anglia University, compiler of the UN's global...(Read Full Post)