Immigration deal ready for roll out

The "Gang of Eight" have done their work and are putting the finishing touches on a thousand plus page immigration reform bill that they would like to unveil on Thursday, but may be forced to wait a week while "legislative language" (language that obscures what's really in the bill) is added. Politico: A Senate aide told POLITICO: "The senators had a good discussion with [Judiciary Committee] Chairman [Patrick] Leahy this afternoon. We are optimistic that we will be able to introduce legislation soon. Chairman Leahy has agreed to hold a hearing as soon as possible after the legislation is introduced, and has promised to have unlimited debate and amendments during the committee markup. "Assuming Republican members push for as much time as possible, the committee debate will last through the next recess, giving plenty of time for public debate and review," the aide added. The Senate will return May 6 after a break for the last week of April. Leahy and the Gang of Eight...(Read Full Post)