How the mighty have fallen

Pakistan's former dictator, Pervez Musharraf, returned to Pakistan last month from self-imposed exile, looking to revive his political career by running for a seat in parliament during next month's elections. Alas, judges, like elephants, have long memories. Musharraf's 2007 confrontation with the judiciary where he fired the chief justice of the Supreme Court and placed many other judges under house arrest, still rankles with Pakistan's judiciary. Yesterday, the Supreme Court revoked his bail and issued an order for his arrest, causing Musharraf to flee the courtroom. Reuters: Musharraf's hasty exit from the Islamabad High Court seemed to symbolize the diminished influence of a former army chief who once dominated Pakistan's political landscape, but whose bid to stage a triumphal comeback has garnered widespread scorn. The order pushed Pakistan's increasingly audacious judiciary into uncharted territory, challenging a long-standing, unwritten rule that the top ranks of the...(Read Full Post)