How badly did the FBI screw up?

There are some reports now surfacing that the FBI had Tamerlan Tsarnaev on their radar as recently as November, according to the Telegraph: As the agency was accused of "dropping the ball" over the case, NBC News reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been seen making six visits to a known Islamic militant in a mosque in the Russian republic of Dagestan. "If he [Tamerlan Tsarnaev] was on the radar and they let him go, if he was on the Russians' radar, why wasn't a flag put on him, some sort of customs flag?" Mr McCaul asked on CNN, adding that there were clear signs that Tsarnaev had been radicalised during his trip. The visits came during a six month trip that Tamerlan made to the city of Makhachkala to see his family, NBC said. According to a local police official, a case file on Tsarnaev was then handed over to the FBI along with a request for further information. However, the FBI never replied. The agency has already admitted that it...(Read Full Post)