He'll Sit This One Out

I'm embarrassed and ashamed that the sitting president of the United States won't attend PM Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Of course, I'm also embarrassed and ashamed at who the sitting president of the United States is. So maybe this president's not going is a good thing. Maggie Thatcher wasn't perfect by any stretch. But she was the last UK leader who combined backbone, feistiness, a tongue that could lash, and the distinct echo of fading British doggedness. She gave every bit as good as she got. Thus, our Disser-in-Chief's refusal to attend yields pained mixed feelings. On the one hand -- at the ceremonial level -- the U.S. publicly snubs the UK once again. Not wise, not to our moral or strategic advantage, not respectful to our ally, not friendly, not politic. And not nice: in other words, signature Obama behavior. But, on the other hand, he will get to gloat, smirk, and aggrandize himself at one poignant and important venue fewer than he otherwise might have. The POTUS -- not noted...(Read Full Post)