Geller-defamer Chris Stedman

If you haven't read Pamela Geller's lead article at American Thinker today, you should.  Geller's exposition lays bare the hypocrisy, delusion, and cowardice of those - homosexual or not - who routinely (one might say, programmatically) cover up Muslim hostility and violence toward homosexuals.  As Geller points out, virulent anti-homosexuality is intrinsic to the ideology of Islam; it abides deep within the faith.  Geller mentions the scurrilous attack launched on her by Chris Stedman, who among other hooks, is the Assistant Humanist Chaplain and the Values in Action Coordinator for the Humanist Community at Harvard.  Oh, yeah, at Yale, Columbia, and UC Berkley, among other prestigious schools they now not only countenance whacky marginalia, but promote it front and center.  The peripheral and goofy have been mainstreamed in the Ivy League and among its lesser collegiate cousins. Get this blurb from Kirkus Reviews about Stedman's book, Faitheist: "The...(Read Full Post)