Gay Marriage: The Left's Great Shame

You wouldn't know it if you spent all your time reading the American media dominated by the neo-liberal-corporate-industrial complex, but a street revolution is occurring in France, called "the French spring." Bear with me while I tell you the tale.  It might sound like something out of Victor Hugo. Over a million people stormed Paris on March 24.  Similar events had happened on January 13 (just under one million people) and November 17, 2012 (several hundreds of thousands of people). The groundswell is coming not only from one sector of French society, but from the left and the right, as evidenced by the leadership roles of Socialists such as Laurence Tcheng and Jean-Jacques Ratteau.  It is the far-right party, the Front National, which has conspicuously stayed out of the fray because of its fear of alienating powerful moneyed interests in its ranks. Homosexuals have attained important leadership positions in this street movement, with one of the three main...(Read Full Post)