Duped by the Saudi Regime

Even Bill O'Reilly, who thinks President Obama should stop messing around and call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists, thinks that the Saudis are a "friendly" Muslim nation. In his recent interview with Bob Beckel, who wants to cut off student visas for Muslim nations for two years, O'Reilly insisted that there are US friendly Muslim nations and counted the Saudis as a prime  example - especially in regard to their intelligence sharing operations with the US in tracking Islamic terrorists. True. The Saudis do track terrorists and have kicked out the Muslim  Brotherhood from setting up shop in their country. This report from the Carnegie Endowment covers Saudi "cooperation" with the US in fighting terrorism. The joker in that deck is that the terrorists of interest to the Saudis generally turnout to be a threat to the Saudi royal family. They are either Shia (the Saudis are Sunni) or Sunni/Wahhabi terrorists who think the Saudi regime is not the hard-line Islamists they...(Read Full Post)