Driving by the Bush Library at SMU

The Bush Library will open in SMU this week so let "the Bush-43" talk begin.  President Bush has avoided publicity except for sitting next to Nolan Ryan at Rangers' games.  He did publish a book but his press contacts have been few.  The Library gives us a chance to look back at an unappreciated man and presidency. His election in 2000 was indeed very close but it was not decided in Florida.  Instead, it was decided in Tennessee, or Gore's home state.  Bush could have stolen all of Florida's 7 million votes and still lost the presidency if only Gore had carried his home state of Tennessee, or Clinton delivered his home state of Arkansas.  I am convinced that much of the left's anger over 2000 was rooted on the reality that a sitting president & vice-president could not deliver their home states. Bush was brilliant in his handling of 9-11. I loved his outrage.  He defined the threat and did not play word games like Obama ...(Read Full Post)