Deepwater Horizon -- 'It Troubles Me Greatly.'

That is what Federal Judge Carl Barbier told Halliburton's lead attorney at the BP Oil Spill trial Thursday. Here is the report from Richard Thompson of the New Orleans Times-Picayune: "Well, here's the problem with that, Mr. Godwin," the judge said, in his intro to what led to a strong rebuke. "It's clear that you knew, your client knew, everybody's known for some time now that the Kodiak well and the Kodiak cement was implicated in this case," he said. "Now, there can be arguments about what the court should make of that evidence, but there's no doubt that that evidence is arguably relevant to this case, to the Macondo well, because the undisputed evidence is that the underlying or initial cement blend that was used on Macondo was left over from Kodiak. So to say that you or your client had no knowledge that this evidence could be relevant and should have been produced in this case, I can't understand or accept that, that's number one," he said. Barbier added: "It troubles me...(Read Full Post)