Decisions, Decisions: That Sequestration Thing Is So Pesky!

First, White House tours had to be canceled because of sequestration.  Now the cancelations have selectively spread: To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, there was enough money to dye green the water in the fountain on the White House south lawn, and to host (at the White House) a reception. But the White House will not hold a Jewish History Month event in 2013. Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper met at the White House with the Obamas to view the movie 42, about Jackie Robinson. Obama hosted a reception at the White House for the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings and Major League Soccer Champion Los Angeles Galaxy. Obama somehow found the money needed to play golf two weekends in a row, so his activities have not been/will not be canceled. Obama somehow found the money needed to attend an NCAA "March Madness" basketball game. A White House reception and performance in honor of "Memphis Soul Sound" as part of "In Performance at the...(Read Full Post)