Choice of Weapons

The advocates of gun control seem to believe that, by restricting or eliminating private possession of guns, all violence can be eliminated. However, recent events have tragically demonstrated that would-be assailants have a wide choice of weapons, including knives, explosives, automobiles, bacteria, radioisotopes, poisons, and the oft-forgotten weapon that a colleague, (who wishes to remain anonymous) describes thus: In the possession of a reckless high school kid or college student, this weapon can be lethal; it can kill, maim for life, smash future dreams, or lead to untold pain. When used as a toy, as it sometimes is, it becomes a tragedy waiting to happen. While using the weapon makes some people feel dominant by giving them a sense of power, the indiscriminate way they use it betrays their lack of understanding of what being a human person is all about and how precious life really is. Yet, in our country, there are those who say, "Its use is a protected right. Any attempt to...(Read Full Post)