Canadian Uranium exports to China

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is about to begin exporting uranium to China. Normally, the announcement of new trade agreements with international partners is good news. However, with China, life gets more complicated. China is a communist police state with a rapidly increasing military capacity, and it has little respect for international law. Thus, Canadians and their American allies must wonder where these uranium exports to China may end up? Potentially in Iran as part of its rogue nuclear weapons program? China has a history of 'cooperating' with Iran on its nuclear ambitions, and it has been reported that "Iran has dramatically stepped up covert attempts to buy nuclear equipment over the last six months, often by using Chinese companies as fronts." Other reports indicate that "Iran has nearly depleted the stockpiles of uranium it imported in the 1970s, and its own uranium mines hold only small quantities of lower-grade ore... Western states have now launched a diplomatic...(Read Full Post)