Campus Derangement Syndrome gets prof arrested

A faculty member at New York State's largest public university was arrested yesterday, espousing a very peculiar interpretation of the First Amendment.  Laura E. Curry, an adjunct instructor of media studies, was incensed at a display erected by Students for Life in a space reserved for free speech. As first reported by Creative Minority Report: A University of Buffalo (SUNY) professor was arrested for screaming obscenities at an administration approved graphic pro-life display. While cursing profusely, she accused the pro-lifers of being "profane." The video...shows the arrest along with the professor cursing and finally yelling out to surrounding students to tell her 1 p.m. class that she wouldn't be able to teach that day because she was being taken away in handcuffs. This woman was so out of control that she forgot her obligation to students and couldn't rein in her anger and hatred.  Here we have someone obviously sophisticated enough in the expressing of thoughts...(Read Full Post)