Boston Globe puts death of Annette Funicello above the fold, Thatcher below

Two stories appear above the fold on the front page of today's Boston Globe: one about "license plate-reading devices" and one on a transportation bill passing the House. A photo of Annette Funicello in her Mickey Mouse ears also appears above the fold in an "In the News" item. The announcement of Margaret Thatcher's death, one of the 20th century's great leaders, gets two columns below the fold. (h/t Henry Irving) This subtle insult by placement is better than much of the coverage in the progressive media, who felt obliged to remind readers how much they despise the Iron Lady. MSN.UK has an article titled, "Why Margaret Thatcher was bad for Britain" since "her policies tended to involve short-term pain for many, but long-term gain for only a few." A headline on the Huffington Post: "Paul Krugman: Margaret Thatcher Shouldn't Get Too Much Credit." This gem on a site called Sabotage Times has 190 comments last I looked. "The Best Way To Deal With Margaret Thatcher's Legacy Is...(Read Full Post)