Beyonce and Jay-Z are the definition of 'low information voters'

Beyonce knows "hip hop" but not current events.  How else do you explain that Boyence and hubby chose Cuba as a place to go for their 5th anniversary?  

What would liberals have said if a couple of popular blacks had gone to South Africa on vacation during the days of apartheid?

Let's check out Cuba today:

1) Hubby Jay-Z was seen around Havana wearing at "Che T-shirt".  This is what Che said of blacks:

".... the black "is indolent and lazy" and the European is "forward-looking and intelligent." " (Humberto Fontova)

2) Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrating a regime that just demoted someone for writing a NY Times op-ed about racism in the island.  His name is Robert Zurbano and he could probably use a little moral support rather watching Beyonce and hubby turned into a couple of tourism promoters for Cuba.   In other words, the Cuban government is using their images to get Americans and others to come down and smoke a cigar.  I hope most Americans understand that such trips are against the law, unless you go in from a 3rd country that won't stamp your passports.

3) The "Ladies in white" continue to be harassed because they peacefully march every Sunday after mass calling for the release of their sons and husbands from political prison. Maybe Beyonce & hubby have not been told that the "white" refers to their outfits not the color of their skin. Many of their sons and husbands are black Cubans who could use a little more attention from the West.

4) The island is full of black dissidents, such as Dr Biscet and others.   They could use a little support too!

This trip is a travesty.  Worse than that, Beyonce & hubby are what "low information voters" are all about.

They value "hope and change" over reality;

They go for symbols rather than facts; and,

They always align themselves with those who don't like the US, or the capitalist system that has made the couple so wealthy.

Beware of people like Beyonce & hubby.  Sadly, they are symbolic of the millions who reelected President Obama.

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