Beyonce and Jay-Z are the definition of 'low information voters'

Beyonce knows "hip hop" but not current events.  How else do you explain that Boyence and hubby chose Cuba as a place to go for their 5th anniversary?   What would liberals have said if a couple of popular blacks had gone to South Africa on vacation during the days of apartheid? Let's check out Cuba today: 1) Hubby Jay-Z was seen around Havana wearing at "Che T-shirt".  This is what Che said of blacks: ".... the black "is indolent and lazy" and the European is "forward-looking and intelligent." " (Humberto Fontova) 2) Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrating a regime that just demoted someone for writing a NY Times op-ed about racism in the island.  His name is Robert Zurbano and he could probably use a little moral support rather watching Beyonce and hubby turned into a couple of tourism promoters for Cuba.   In other words, the Cuban government is using their images to get Americans and ...(Read Full Post)