Band-Aids for Nihilism

Should we be surprised that a large segment of a culture that has divorced itself from the traditions and moral norms of Judeo-Christendom should go haywire and engage in self-destructive and socially pathological actions? It is an act of illusory hypocrisy when you trumpet a worldview that tells children that they are "little animals" of chance who are on this planet to solely experience pleasure and engage in self-interest, and then cry bloody murder when that interest just happens to include shooting little children in the head. It is highly difficult for a mentally healthy person to drink up that much existential nihilism and to remain a rational moral being. How much more so for those fragile psyches who view the universe as an uncaring, inhospitable place where the only purpose to their benighted existence is what we can scrounge up on our own? In a world of no objective morality, whether one slits the throats of children or feeds them in a soup line is all a matter of choice;...(Read Full Post)